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    Desi Cow Ghee


    Gau Krishna’s Desi Cow Ghee is 100% pure cow ghee prepared traditionally using Indigenous Desi Cow Milk. This cow ghee has rich taste, aroma and nutrients to ensure you experience the most authentic ghee every time. Vedic Mathni Ghee is prepared in clay handi. No Aluminium utensils are used at any stage of preparation.

    Made from curd and not cream, our  Desi Cow Ghee provides you with all the essential good fats that help maintain a healthy heart. It meets upto 90% of your daily omega-3 fatty acid requirement. It can help you with joint pain, weight management and maintaining good cholesterol levels.

    Health Benefits:

    • Helps In Treating Broken Bones,
    • Cure Insomnia,
    • Reduce Obesity,
    • Helpful In Decreasing Bad Cholesterol,
    • It is Natural anti-ageing
    • It Is Having Enough Value Of Vitamin A2, E And D With Omega3 Properties Improves Vision Of Eyes, Shiny Skin
    • This Cow’s Ghee Enhances Immunity Naturally.
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    Vaidik & Panchagavya Nasya (Nasal) Drops


    Vaidik & Panchagavya Nasya (Nasal) Drops is useful Panchagavya and Vaidik for all body organs above shoulders. This Ayurvedic Nasal Drop is enriched with Desi Cows Panchagavya. Panchagavya nasal drops is basically cow ghee for the nose which helps in migraine, paralysis, sinus ailment, infertility, cancer, fever, liver, and spinal problems. It is also useful in dust allergy and insomnia.

    Nasal Drops Dosage:

    2-3 drops in each nostril 3 to 4 times a day (in winters before use, dip the nasal drop bottle in warm water till it melts). Take one tablespoon of this ghee in a glass of Cows Milk. Oil navel and massage the soles with this ghee.